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Top 5 applications drink your Android’s battery without you knowing

For nobody is a secret the existence of applications available on Android that spend a lot of battery on your mobile. Some of these are still working in the background all the time, even when you’re not using them. Thanks to Avast and AVG antivirus manufacturers, we can identify the most battery-consuming applications on Android devices.

Facebook, Spotify and Clean Master are among the worst culprits for exhausting the battery life of your Android phones, but you probably already knew about these, right? Therefore, what other applications are causing serious damage to the performance of your mobile? 

What other are applications causing serious damage to the performance of your mobile?

A relatively new social network, lets you record a 15-second clip of you and your lip sync friends to a popular song. With more than 100 million users watching and loading clips, but in the tests of Avast, managed to drain 100% of the battery of a Samsung Galaxy S6 in just 2 hours and taking with it a part of the life of the battery. Nox App Player is filling the void left by Vine. When the application is running, it uses a huge amount of hardware resources . The result is that it consumes much more battery than the average of the application.

What you can do?

Like Facebook and Messenger, you can download lite for Android. If you want to save battery, use these 6 applications in Lite version . This lightweight version has most of the features of the main application, but uses fewer resources and data.

BBC News:

An application that can not miss on any mobile. The bad news is that of the applications that spend the most money on news, the BBC News app is a big consumer. This is difficult because people generally want to access news on a daily basis and the BBC is a reliable place to get it, but this comes at the cost of battery life. Applications for BBC News, NYTimes, NDTV, CNN and others; they are constantly updated in the background.


It should not be a surprise that Netflix consumes a huge amount of battery from your Smartphone . The North American company with more than half a million subscribers in Spain, is the access application to watch movies, documentaries and TV shows.


Bad news for users of this app that revolutionized the world of social networks last year, even if you use Snapchat only periodically throughout the day you will notice that it is one of the main culprits of draining the battery of your phone. Of the applications that spend more battery,  Snapchat was ranked fourth in the list of Avast and second in the list of AVG . Several users in the XDA developer forum mentioned a significant increase in battery life after uninstalling Snapchat.